For general information on Gradle see The Holy Gradle is based on Gradle 1.4. For general information on Artifactory see

Holy Gradle

No public support is available for the Holy Gradle.

If you are reporting a bug please send as much information as possible, including the following.

  • Your build.gradle script and any related files (for example,, settings.gradle).

  • The debug output from Gradle, by adding -d -S and redirecting all output to a log file, like this

    gw -d -S other_arguments_here >bug_report.log 2>&1

    or, if you have the tee.exe utility, you may prefer

    gw -d -S other_arguments_here 2>&1 | tee bug_report.log

    The 2>&1 redirects standard error to the same file, so that any error messages and exceptions are also captured.

These log messages may contain passwords sent to Artifactory.