This documentation is a guide to using the Holy Gradle and Artifactory tools for developing C++ and web applications in a modular way under Windows. It assumes that you want to create modules for other projects to use, or use existing modules, but face the problem that there is currently no standard way to do this. Together these tools help you use pre-packaged libraries, utilities for your build process, and other modules, and publish your own libraries and applications for other people to use. They fit in with other development tools such as source control, compilers, and continuous integration servers.

If you are not familiar with these tools, and you need to quickly do something with them, check the list of basic tasks on the "I just want to …" page.
  • For background information on these tools, the important concepts, and the requirements behind the design, read the Overview.

  • To set up your own project and/or development machine to use these tools, follow the First Steps.

  • If you have problems at any time, see the Support page, and in particular the Troubleshooting section.

This documentation does not describe the standard ways of using Artifactory and Gradle for handling modules developed with Java and other JVM languages, because those are well documented in other places.

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